Can a 7 Proven Second Daily Ritual Help With Losing Stubborn Fat?

My body actually feels 100 times smaller than I am. Well … I guess one could say that it started after a 7 second daily ritual!

I must say, a few months ago I was not feeling this way. I felt drained without any energy, weak, insecure (not just one aspect of my life), sleepless nights and felt nothing.

Now fast forward… I have loads of energy as soon as I wake up from my (good nights sleep), I feel stronger with the sleep I get and I have the energy that has given me the ability to workout. Permitted to go to the gym and I look and feel like a new person!

My husband almost never recognizes me and is inspired to do the same and get his life back on track. I cannot get out of my new way of life as much as I enjoy it.

And as I mentioned above, it all started with this quiz that I took were just a few questions to evaluate my daily habits. I was then introduced to this simple “after-dinner ritual”, which would be the major but simple change to becoming a woman today.

But … there is so much more to my story and how my whole life changed because of this “simple but weird” ritual that I arrived before bed every night for the past few months!

I am using a fat burner supplement called “ProVen” … and believe me, is “proven” to be really effective.

It uses all 100% natural ingredients and after you start using them your body will start to kick in and make you feel more energized and feel better.

To begin with, it contains ingredients that help reduce hunger and this, in turn, gives people less food. In addition, there are some proven ingredients such as green tea and some others that can help boost metabolic levels. When metabolic levels come down due to age and other factors, the various elements in Proven help to get it back on track.

Arabinogalactan: It is an immune booster component that can help prevent the common cold and is also beneficial for overall health.

Beta Gluten: It is one of the most important ingredients of Proven. It is a soluble fiber and is made from barley or oats. It can help in losing weight naturally. It can also help with overwriting and make us feel full. This can help us eat less and thus reduce our weight.

Bioflavonoids: Supplements are also a rich source of various types of bioflavonoids. Research has shown that increased intake of certain types of bioflavonoids may help obese and overweight people lose weight faster and maintain it. The supplement contains many such bioflavonoids and one important one is quercetin.


It also has a new component known as Cat’s Claw. Although not much research has been done on this, some informal benefits of this ingredient in weight loss have been reported.

Garlic Bulbs: Some research has been done with garlic and the findings are quite encouraging. Garlic is definitely good for heart health and it can also help those who are suffering from high blood sugar. High blood sugar often leads to overweight and obesity problems.

Finally, Proven is a rich source of green tea. It is a rich source of caffeine. Green tea has a proven record of improving metabolism.


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